pastor santos

Don't go back to Egypt

A message about not leaving your position in Christ Jesus. Never forget that apart from Him, we will be back in slavery. Apart from Him, we will be in bondage.

pastor santos

Passing through the valley

If you are PASSING THROUGH THE VALLEY, don't run away, stay there, because there is where God will show his tremendous power in your life.

pastor santos

Be Thankful

Gratitude is a natural attitude of those who know God and have tasted his love! True knowledge of the Lord and genuine faith in Jesus lead us to a life of gratitude.

pastor david santos

Against all the odds

Goliath was a very strong giant. He was a very trained warrior since his early years. In the other hand David was only a young shepherd who had never been in battle with a giant before. But God was with David.

pastor david santos

How to Restore your family

God's plans for your family, is that you all may serve him. The word says "Me and my house shall serve the Lord." He wants your family close to him.

mama santos

From bitter to better

Many are allowing themselves to get become bitter, and are influencing people around them to feel the same way. Be careful with negative energy and bitter people.