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“Grace of God Church is reaching people in places where it's impossible to preach the gospel. We are making a way for our king by sharing the true gospel with those who are in need."

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Healing is one of God's Benefits · (1) Submit yourself to God · (2) Look to God's Word · (3) Pray in Faith · (4) Call for Church Elders · (5) Keep Believing

The Fivefold Ministry is a term referring to the five ministry roles of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher found in the book of Ephesians. Here you will learn where you fit yourself as a child of God.

If you enjoy bible prophecy commentary, Christian eschatology, Christian prophecy, or Christian nonfiction books in general, I'm confident you'll enjoy reading this message. Behold! For HE is soon coming, and HE won't take long.

How to find peace in the midst of the storm?

How to find peace in the midst of the storm? Things could be going fine, then suddenly you could get a life-changing phone call, or face a shocking diagnosis. How would you react to a bad news?

How do I know when to give up?

We always hear motivational speakers, or pastors saying to never give up. But the question is, When to give up? Because clearly, when we focus on something/someone that does not come from God, It will be a waste of our times. Learn, when to give up.

Dr. Soares

Make the Word of God your confession, start believing that you are included in every promise of God. Start confessing your promise, and whatever happens, don't be afraid, don't move your position, don't take turn away, don't change who you are, and you'll see what you need to be a victorious person.

Romildo Soares (Dr.Soares)

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Steps to have a successful mariage

There are many factors that contribute to a satisfying marriage/relationship such as; Love, Commitment, Trust, Time, Attention, Good Communication and etc. But there are some important factors that the bible teaches us, and today you will learn that.

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Don't be scared of walking alone

All doors seem to be closing in on you, you are shut off, lock up? disoriented, confused, bothered, overwhelmed and still you have no way out of this rut. You have tried all that you know to do. When friends, beloved ones, and family have no way to help either. This is a sign that God plans to get you alone, so He could work in and through you for your benefit and that of the world at large.

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